Energy Conservation Approach for Chiller System

              The condenser filament of a water-cooled air conditioner or heat exchanger must be clean, free of scale and biofilm to allow good heat/cooling exchange. There are many ways to maintain cleanliness. But the most popular and effective is the Ball Technic system, which is an automatic cleaning system. without wasting time stopping the chiller. This prevents scale build-up inside the condenser. It can help keeping the cooling capacity like new and clean all the time. It plays an important role in maximizing chiller performance.

              However, if your Chiller has been used for a long time, much more time, much more cost to maintain. You may consider replacing a new machine. It will be the most worthwhile investment even if it requires a high investment. Because today’s new generation machines have evolved a lot. With today’s technology, the chillers are surely better than the ones from the past ten and twenty years ago. Nowadays, new chillers are designed and developed to have lower kilowatts per ton of cooling than older chillers. It can save energy 20-30% more than the old model, and one more thing, the new chiller mostly uses CFC-free refrigerants that will destroy the Earth’s atmosphere as well. So, comparing between the cost of repairs and the cost of purchasing a new, more efficient machine; which one is more worthwhile?



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Types of Chiller

Chillers are divided into 3 main types according to the cooling capacity:

A water-cooled chiller is one of the types of chillers that removes heat from it to cool the water used in projects or industrial or domestic structures and re-enters the water into the operation cycle. In fact, chillers transfer heat from a space that needs temperature control and transfer it to another space.

Air-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used to cool fluids and/or dehumidify air. They are used in a wide variety of settings including hotels, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale construction, industrial and manufacturing plants, and so forth.

An adsorption or absorption chiller is a cooling system that uses heat instead of electricity to cool something. There are many industrial uses for absorption chillers, including manufacturing plant cooling and wasted heat utilization. In Thailand this type of Chillers have been used at Suvarnabhumi Airport as Hitachi brand with 4 units.

Advantages of Chillers

Chiller can cool many places at the same time because it uses a pipe that walks on the wall or ceiling, it is easy to distribute the cold to the desired point or room.

Chiller is a centralized refrigeration system, this can cool quickly.

Limitations of Chillers

Chiller is a large system, therefore, there is a limitation of the space used for installation. A suitable location must be carefully select in order to install the system.

Difficult to install; must provide a structure to place the machine.

Chillers is difficult to move or reposition the system because it is a large and complex system. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the installation well in advance. With these reasons, it is why you need the turn-key specialist like us to provide you all the solutions. Please feel free to contact us, Win Win Supply co., ltd.