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Registered No. A059

Energy Service Company: ESCO

ESCO or Energy Service Company is the company under supervision of the Institute of Industrial Energy, the Federation of Thai Industries, providing our clients the solutions for achieving energy cost reductions. An ESCO can handle projects, mobilize financial resources, offer turn-key services and assume performance risks.

Energy Performance Contract: EPC

EPC or Energy Performance Contracting is an agreement between the client and the provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure (ESCO), verified and monitored during the entire term of the contract. EPC is the contractual model that governs the relationship between the ESCO and the client.

CoP Certificate

CoP (Code of Practice) is a certificate certified the operation standard of the ESCO that it’s operating in good quality, projects are implemented in accordance with the standard framework, with continuous self-examination and development, which can build confidence for clients in using ESCO services.

Our Product and Service

WIN WIN SUPPLY CO.,LTD. is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with Registered No. A059. Tap to watch our VDO Presentation.

We have installation standards according to the ESCO operating model.

Our reference projects and what our customers say about using our service.

The service offered by an ESCO integrates all energy services for all of the phases of the project through an EPC contract, including warranty.

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