VRV and VRF Systems

VRV and VRF Systems

What is VRV and VRF Systems?

VRV stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume,” while 
VRF stands for “Variable Refrigerant Flow”.  

So what do these to designations mean? For starters, they actually mean the same thing. VRV is term copyrighted by Daikin, one of the true industry leaders in HVAC equipment and technology. VRF refers to the same basic technology used in those systems manufactured by other companies—Fujitsu, for one, makes some great variable refrigerant flow systems.   

How does VRV work?

               VRV is a technology that alternates the refrigerant volume in a system to match a building’s precise requirements. Only a minimum amount of energy is required for a system to maintain set temperatures, and ensure that it automatically shuts off when no occupants are detected in a room. This unique mechanism is more sustainable in the long run, as end users save on energy costs while reducing their system’s carbon emissions. 

Todays, Thailand has installed air conditioners in almost every building. And most of the electricity used comes from the air conditioning system. As a result, there have been developments and innovations in air conditioning systems. The popular type that currently being installed in the building is VRV or VRF air conditioning system. There are 4 types of control devices:

  • Individual Control, has remote and wired versions.
  • Centralized Control which has indoor unit control and outdoor unit monitor.
  • BMS Gateway Controller has 4 devices to choose from for data transmission: BACNET, LONWORKS, MODBUS and KNX.
  • Intelligent Control is an intelligent system that is controlled via a computer network. 

Why INVEST in VRF/VRV technology?

1. This system is a technology that controls the amount of refrigerant directly by attaching the refrigerant dispensing controller to the indoor unit, enabling accurate temperature control and save up to 40% on electricity bills compared to other air conditioning systems.

2. There is a system improving the quality of the air by ventilation and dehumidification that make users feel comfortable all the time.

3. Pipe routing can be done at a much longer distance than the general air conditioner system. That’s why it is easy to locate the condensing unit or hot coil and it fits the structure of each building.

4. It takes up less space to install a hot coil or outdoor unit (because there are few coils), making the building look beautiful.

5. Indoor Unit or Evaporator can be controlled independently.

6. Large BTU size, meaning that no matter how large the area needs air conditioning, there's a BTU that can support.

7. There are many types of Indoor Units to choose from which makes it easy to choose in matching the interior design, whether it is wall type, ceiling/floor type, build-in type, or package type, etc.

8. Can control the air conditioner centrally. This modern technology has created convenience and can make the owner of the building. The air conditioner can be effectively controlled from the control room. Whether it is to set a timer on-off in advance, set the temperature for each area differently, choose to turn off, or turn on the air conditioner in each zone, each room, allow or not allow the user or the user to adjust the temperature, etc.

Disadvantages of VRV / VRF system:

1. Product price and installation cost are higher than general air conditioners.

2. If the machine has a problem, it will unable to cool several points at the same time. Therefore, it has to be maintained and checked regularly.

3. It requires more specialized technicians in order to repair or maintenance the VRV VRF system.

                 It can be seen that, today, what VRV/VRF technology can do is very advanced and has many interesting features. It is also a very energy efficient system. It is worth investing in this system because it is a long term investment, especially, for the establishments with lots of room and unstable openings from the number of users. This makes this system ideal for Office Building and Small / Medium Hotel with the design of the system to be user-friendly and high efficiency. The power cost is clearly reduced, making VRF/VRV a very attractive option. If you are interested in the VRV/VRF system, Win Win Supply Company Limited, we have experts that ready to serve you. 


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